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The exploration of identity issues, socio-political systems, and cultural environments is at the core of my work as an artist.


My inspiration comes from personal experiences in both my professional and private life, especially during periods of internal growth and change, but other times from external factors which impact my ideals of fairness, diversity, and inclusion. I often translate complex and paradoxical concepts into experiential installations that incorporate photography, film, video, sculpture, graphics, digital assemblage, original music, dance, and site-specific elements. I find that my creative process is so much greater when it is filled with playfulness, spontaneity, and curiosity, as well as when I share it with collaborators from different disciplines.


My objective is not to stridently proclaim my views nor to teach. Instead, I want to provoke discussion, raise questions, and illicit personal responses from the viewer. It is more important for me to allow the audience to react to my work and develop their own ideas about it than it is to represent a single viewpoint.

Artist Statement

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