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Commissioned by Metro-Dade Art in Public Places to produce a proposal for an art installation at Kendall-Tamiami Executive Airport. The goals for this installation were to provide an identity and image for the airport, establish a gateway entrance, and actively develop a relationship with the surrounding communities.

The proposal, entitled Passion of Flight, included a sculpture at the entrance of the airport, an identity logo for the airport, a vita course design and a short, animated film. The inspiration for the sculpture element arose from the human passion for flight and the human will to overcome great boundaries which is reflected throughout the history of the Kendall-Tamiami Executive Airport. Constructed out of a high-technology, tensioned membrane fabric, a steel superstructure, and a cable support system, the sculpture piece alludes to the origins of mechanical flying devices using wings of fabric and wire. The proposed structure is 50 feet long, 25 feet high, and cantilevers 15 feet on each side from the centerline of the median strip at the entrance to the airport.


An identity logo was designed from an abstraction of one of the elevations of the sculpture. Conceptually, this translates the three-dimensional sculptural image into a two-dimensional icon, further reinforcing the identity of the airport.


The design and layout of the vita course incorporates the use of the identity logo as a patterned motif to create an image which suggests an airplane propeller. Like the famous Nazca lines in Peru, this image would only be visible to airborne traffic. However, its design would serve to further reinforce the logo as a landmark as well as provide for an interesting jogging path for both airport employees and community users.


Metro-Dade Art in Public Places

Miami, FL


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