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Lincoln Road Installation.png

Lincoln Road Street Furniture/Conceptual Art Installation

Commissioned by South Florida Art Center to produce a proposal for a street furniture/conceptual art installation on Lincoln Road. The proposed concept consisted of three-dimensional, oversized letters spelling out L I N C O L N  R O A D located at the center of the 600 and 700 blocks of the mall, the point where west and east ends of the Road meet offering a natural point of convergence of activity. The letters would be eight feet tall, eighteen inches deep, and vary in width from 2’-6” to 8’-4” depending on the letter. The font selected was Bauhaus Heavy. Besides serving as the focal identity symbol for the Road, some of the letters also lend themselves to be functional seating elements. The letters would be constructed of different materials which are indigenous to Miami and which represent various industries found in Miami. These would include concrete, glass block, clear acrylic, brushed aluminum, and keystone. The different materials and colors would be symbolic of the eclectic, multi-ethnic and multi-cultural nature of Lincoln Road.


South Florida Art Center


Miami Beach, FL


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